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eDiscovery, reimagined.

Powerful tools to transform the way you manage discovery.

As we barrel further into the digital age, eDiscovery is rapidly becoming a day-to-day need for businesses and agencies of all types and sizes, as enterprises seek to manage their electronic data across platforms. There are a lot of eDiscovery platforms and service providers in the market. At Reveal, we set ourselves apart by acting as an extension of our clients’ internal teams, and continuously evolving our platform to address the needs directly arising from user feedback.


At core, Reveal provides fast, flexible, and reliable eDiscovery software. Our platform is available in the cloud (SaaS), or installed on-premise, depending on your needs. It can be used throughout the eDiscovery process to perform data analysis, online document review, project management, as well as productions. Our software is proprietary – there are no third party packages required to perform these tasks – and the Reveal platform is designed with the user’s needs in mind at each phase.

Assisted Review

Reveal uses machine learning to find relevant documents based on input provided by human users. In the same way a music streaming service might “choose” which songs a user will enjoy based on previous song selections, our platform uses document tags to train a ranking algorithm that orders the documents from most to least likely to be relevant.

Transcript Manager

The Reveal platform has a fully-integrated transcript tool. Once a transcript is uploaded as a text file, a reviewer has the ability to search by page and line, highlight and tag key portions of the transcript, and hyperlink exhibits or other documents within the case.

Cross-browser Compatible

Reveal can be accessed from any major internet browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. No installs, plug-ins, or ActiveX controls are required in order to use the Reveal platform, meaning you can access your data from the office, the train, your home, or anywhere else you may find yourself.

Review on the Go

You can also access Reveal on your tablet, mobilizing your work and home platforms. We know you will never replace the desktop eDiscovery experience, but we understand that sometimes you need to access your data while you’re on the move. If you need to get or give an answer about a review, you can access Reveal on your tablet to find what you need to know.

Data in the Cloud

Automatically offload data to secure, less expensive, highly available cloud storage, which reduces data storage hosting fees.

Flexible Installation Infrastructure

Reveal gives you true flexibility in its architecture, enabling companies to grow their installation as their data users increase. This does not require rework or significant downtime; it is simply an expansion of the hardware configuration. In short, Reveal was specifically designed to be able to scale to meet your business demands.

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Responsive to User Needs

At Reveal, we take a great deal of pride in operating as an extension of your internal team. The Reveal platform is supported directly by its developers – no farmed-out, off-site support – so your support questions and feature requests have a direct line to the developers themselves.

Data Preview Allows for Review Planning Efficiency

Our data preview feature allows increased efficiency and quality by running load files through Reveal’s pre-import process. Run load files and documents through a pre-import process to flag potential issues prior to loading and indexing. Administrators can use detailed logs files to pinpoint, track, and resolve potential problems before valuable time is wasted. Once documents are loaded, use detailed imported document reports to track progress and assist in review planning.

Flexible Assignments

Every well managed review starts with a plan. To manage an efficient review, assignment managers need the data available to create and modify their plan. Reveal includes custodian, volume, and bates range detail in its assignments interface, which informs your strategic decision-making. Document batching and flexible assignment methods allow for fast, nimble review preparation. During a multi-phase review, search existing assignments and re-distribute with ease.

Easy-to-Use Software

Users experience productivity with minimal training on Day One. Visual cues throughout the user interface help you identify and work within the software. Review and bulk tag families, threads, and duplicates in a single easy-to-use screen. Reveal will even automatically keep track of what you have already reviewed and skip items you have already designated. When working with entities such as domain names, use the option to hide reviewed documents that have already been tagged.

Customizable User Interface

Take advantage of exceptional customization through tag and field profiles for different types of users, to increase efficiency and focus reviewers on their given tasks. Go a step further and use customizable field and tag ordering, which places the most important tags at the top of the coding interface. Bulk tag duplicate documents, search results, documents in a family group and documents of the same file type – or restrict this functionality if you need to.

Enhanced Search

Perform quick entity searches using analytics and pre-clustered data (quick entities) to do a first pass on data and identify volumes of junk emails. Drill deeper into a quick entity search by adding additional search terms through Reveal’s advanced searching functionality. Improve second pass review efficiency by identifying items that could be potentially privileged, or relevant. The second pass reviewer can review documents more effectively based on the criteria that grouped them together in the first pass. Pull in family members, duplicates and other related documents when using “Go To” searches. Immediate searching of tag and folder updates provides accurate results as quickly as possible, saving you time and frustration.